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Oct 10, 2011 2:45am EDT
this conference. it brought us together during those difficult days. we had nothing in this town. they ran the white house. they ran the senate. they ran america in the ground. i want to thank all of you. it has been a tough couple of years. we cannot live and act like everything is cool. ent from hope to heartbreak. they're not anything to do but run their mouth. we have been on a one-sided senses. the worst people in america with the worst ideas have dominated the discussion. i am not mad at the tea party. i am not mad at them for being sellout here this comes to an end. this is going in right now. this is what we believe in. we have been wrong. we have the wrong theory of the presidency. some people love him. some are mad at him. what are we going to do? we have the wrong theory of the presidency. we thought that by electing a single person individual was inspiring. we elected him and put him in the white house. we could sit back and much popcorn. this is going to be good. we went from having a movement to a movie. as if the movement we were a part of a was based on this. i believe
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1